Cast your own porcelain jewelry

Make your own personal pieces of jewelry from porcelain. For this purpose we use my existing
plaster molds and cast with liquid porcelain. You have the choice whether you want to make simple small earrings, elaborate multi-part earrings, necklaces or anything in between. I will provide you with a palette of different colored cast porcelain, the molds and my knowledge.

Included in the price are 5 pieces of jewelry including the precious metal parts such as stud earrings, creoles or necklaces.
So you can choose if you want to make for example 5 pairs of earrings or 5 necklaces or 2 pairs of stud earrings, 2 pairs of ear pendants
and 1 necklace.

The workshop will take place in a small group of max. 4 people. We meet once a week for 3 dates.

The workshop is also perfect for making your own Christmas gifts.

If the course days/dates do not suit you, please contact me and we will arrange a flexible appointment.

The course is suitable for all levels of experience.

Materials such as porcelain and glaze as well as firing costs are included in the price. The cost of jewelry elements such as creoles, necklaces, stud earrings, eyelets are included for 5 pieces of jewelry/pairs.

PRICE: 160 €

The workshop will be structured as follows:


introduction & production

Short introduction to different techniques such as slip casting, cutting, embossing, punching,… On the basis of some of my jewelry pieces and photos we will find out what you would like to create. You are also welcome to bring your own ideas and prints as inspiration.

After that we start to create. I have porcelain in several colors and different types of clay in stock, so you can start making individual pieces of jewelry right away.



Your jewelry pieces are bisqued fired and ready to be glazed. You can leave your white or colored pieces pure and glaze them with transparent glaze or you can decorate them with special underglaze pens before glazing. The glaze firing at 1250 degrees is next.


finalizing the jewelry

Your ceramic works are ready. Today you can purchase jewelry elements like hooks, necklaces, ear studs and eyelets from my inventory or use the elements you brought yourself. We assemble our ceramic pieces to unique pieces of jewelry.


If you are interested in my porcelain
jewelry workshop and would like me to hold it
in english, please drop me a line.


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